Wayvve Tech business team.

Welcome to Wayvve Tech

Formerly recognized as Gate City Digital Marketing Group, Wayvve Tech stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence in branding, digital marketing, and strategic planning, as well as in the broader media and marketing landscape. We were founded by media and marketing veteran, Demetrius L. Brown, he has over two decades of unmatched expertise. 

Demetrius, whose profound experience has been part of  shaping the success of industry giants like FUBU Radio, Audacy Radio Stations, the Greensboro Market.

At Wayvve Tech, we pride ourselves on our heritage of expertise and our commitment to pushing boundaries in the digital realm.


Wayvve Tech Mission

WAYVVE is committed to empowering people and organizations through the integration of technology, media, and social innovation, while cultivating Wisdom, Aspiration, and Yield, nurturing Vision, and Vitality, and fostering continuous  Endeavor.

Wayvve Tech Vision

Our vision is to see people and organizations effectively operate in their purpose and reach their  defined level of success.